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Pro Tray – A solution served on a tray

Pro Tray was born during a family event attended by Nissan Bachar – a serial patent inventor and entrepreneur at heart.
A waitress that was serving dishes to the guests stumbled, and suddenly the entire content of her serving tray fell on the diners and shattered on the floor. The alarm and distress caused to the guests, to the banquet hall’s owner and the waitress herself, led Nissan to develop a waiter’s tray. An innovative tray offering an efficient and genuine solution to a common problem, allowing waiters to serve their customers efficiently, without the anxiety of physical and financial damage resulting from falling trays.
Serving accidents – the figures tell it all / the entire story:
Market survey conducted overseas reveal an amazing fact: businesses in the restaurant sector annually lose up to thousands of Shekels as a result of waiter accidents – regardless of the experience and expertise of the waiters. In fact, statistics indicate that the cost of a fallen service tray ranges from 60 to 90 dollars! This cost is composed of the following:

Breakage of glasses and tableware
Loss of dishes and drinks
A meal or additional dish served as compensation to guests affected by the crash of the 
waiter’s tray
Dry cleaning for the clothes of diners that were stained
Lawsuits filed following the fall of waiters’ trays, burns, cuts and more
Damage to the business’ professional reputation
Pro Tray – the waiter’s tray that saves you money! 

The rigorous development process of the Pro Tray waiter’s tray took 3 years, during which extensive resources were invested in the product’s design, selection of the raw materials, crash tests, durability tests under extreme temperatures and more. The result: a waiter’s tray that is revolutionary, durable, efficient, useful and competitively priced, for restaurants, cafés, hotels, banquet halls and soon also for the private market soon, making all traditional waiter trays redundant.

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