Pro Tray – absolutely professional tray

  • Unique grip strap


    Pro Tray has a flexible easy grip strap that is comfortable for use over time, since it firmly fastens the waiter’s hand to the bottom of the tray without any friction, balances the tray and prevents the dropping of utensils, dishes and drinks – even when carrying heavy weights or under humid conditions.

  • Draining to prevent slippage


    Pro Tray has water drainage grooves that prevent the tray from slipping on wet surfaces.

  • Luminous markings

    Pro Tray has luminous markings indicate the grip direction, for easy and convenient use even in the dark.

  • Anti-slip surface


    Pro Tray has a unique anti-slip surface that prevents thecontent of the tray from slipping off.

  • Convenient storage

    Pro Tray has indented handles for convenient tray stacking and storage.